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Noticing and adjusting to where you are allows where you’re going to simply arrive.

A secret that is probably widely known, written and spoken about in a number of ways in myriad places played out in my afternoon yesterday.

Autumn is well and truly here and the temperature is dropping…

Humans are the Masters of adaptation, it’s our superpower. And greatest frustration.

This is why all good wellbeing/spiritual/self-development practices are practices because you can’t do things once and be done.

I realised this today when musing on the things I understood about consciousness and self-awareness, and how they can make my life easier or harder, as I have done over the last…

  1. Rain brings tears
  2. Some people really do get pleasure from ‘bad’ weather
  3. The middle is the hardest part
  4. Sessions are rarely boring
  5. Whatever comes up is meant to be explored
  6. The magic is in not being a part of the situation

Rain brings tears

This is loosely something I had heard before, I…

it’s an unconscious belief that is rising to my conscious in waves.

Since qualifying as a psychotherapist I have learned so much about myself; through my clients and supervision, general reading and listening, I have discovered unconscious beliefs that no longer (or never did) serve me.

Most recently it is…

You know if you hold a pencil between your teeth your brain makes you feel happy?

I think this works with “Thank You” too.

I bought myself a bike for Christmas, mostly for commuting so that I can avoid public transport, but also for exploring and exercising and joy-riding. …

I’ve learned a few things since that first time. Well, a lot of things. It spun me out many times and there have been circles, spirals, tears and confusion. But I like arbitrary time containers so now is for reflecting.

It was forbidden because of who it was and the…

My routine was disrupted, I didn’t react terribly but it was unpleasant nonetheless. And my anxiety has been up all day.

Analysing social conventions

This is a newly familiar part of life since I self-diagnosed as autistic, did a lot of internal work on myself and learned what boundaries are, why we have…

But I think this is a good thing, I’m not cynical.

I had a wonderful interaction with a squirrel yesterday.

It was in a local park as I took a break between clients. …

I thought I’d accepted it, I thought I was okay with it, I absolutely am not.

About two weeks ago I contracted impetigo on my face. It’s a highly-contagious skin infection that produces blisters and sores developing into unsightly ‘cornflake’ crispiness. …

A mantra for people who want the best for others.

I care. A lot. It’s exhausting.

Most recently I really cared about a person who is really going through it. Has gone through it. And will continue for a bit longer.

I say care(d) like I don’t anymore. …


Adventurer, word-lover, nature-enthusiast, psychotherapist, creative.

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