Back to kink — a play event

4 min readFeb 13, 2024

Smaller than I’ve experienced before, in a pub, definitely not for me.

Photo by Adrian Dorobantu:

This is a paragraph from my first article about my journey back into kink:

“Kink is still me and I am still kink, I love talking about the creative ways humans find to entertain themselves and express themselves, and I don’t really go in for taboos, so finding a community that is sex positive, understands consent (and therefore presumably is less infiltrated by unconscious misogyny) and is accepting are the foundations I wish to grow my social life on.”

I like it as a sort of manifesto of what I’m doing and why. It also introduces some reflection points.

My last story ended with me going to an event with the women I met at my first official Munch and a firm decision never to go to that event again!

A sparkly affair

The only play events I’ve been to have been club nights in London plus one closer to home in a photography studio that ended up being a very challenging night.

For this new event on a weeknight I expected a smallish venue, dark, fetish wear — the theme was sparkly, my favourite! — music. Even though I’d read the dress code and it said vanilla clothing was acceptable, I hadn’t paid much mind because it was a themed event and I figured everyone was going…




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