Death stories make me impatient

11 min readMay 14, 2020

‘This 92-year-old shares their life lesson’

‘..don’t take life for granted’

‘it only takes a second for everything to change…’

Don’t these stories frustrate you? They do me, but probably not in the way you’re imagining.

For current generations in the West, never has there been a time with greater awareness of mortality. Granted, there have been wars and disasters and personal tragedy hourly since humans were invented. But the current global crisis, uniting us and dividing us, closing and stretching distance, brings the preciousness of life and the non-discriminatory fact of life — death, to ever deeper awareness.

What I want to write about isn’t a thought brought about by the effects of Covid-19; it has been amplified, certainly, but it’s been growing since I ‘woke up’ to the possibilities of life about seven years ago.

I just want to live my life to my greatest ability and I want to do it with people I love. I want to get every possible second of joy available into me, to make a memory, to feel full of connection and love, to create magic, every single day.

My psychotherapy training has slowly, methodically and brutally broken my childhood adaptations, allowing me to connect with my pain, my loneliness and sorrow, learn about other…




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