Do you know about Writer’s Hour?

2 min readApr 27

It’s 50 minutes of dedicated writing time with people from all over the world on Zoom.

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It’s been a bloody revelation to me. And not just because it makes me write more than if I didn’t attend. It also makes me wonder at the need for community, silent company and accountability.


More than 150 people attend each hour, there are four a day, I attend up to three.

Out of the entire world 150+ people turn up, that’s a pretty small percentage, but isn’t it lovely that those 150+ people from anywhere with an internet connection choose to come together at the same time for the same purpose?

A community of writers — casual writers, professional writers, journallers — all there with the same idea.


Though we’re potentially thousands of miles apart, or next door-but-one and we didn’t know, those silent faces on your screen represent the joining together of other human beings. It’s not just a representation though. All those people are keeping each other company for those 60 minutes, if you need a break from writing you can scroll through the faces and see that there are real people there joining together in a shared cause.

Eventually you start to notice familiar faces. There are opportunities for real-time mingling across the week, those faces become animate beings who talk and respond.


If no-one turned up I’m sure this Writer’s Hour would quickly stop. For me, there’s something about the shared intention, shared energy; I appreciate this opportunity is out there. I noticed this when I saw that towards the end of the session the attendee number slowly drops down. Some people will post in the comment box their thanks and goodbyes, many others slink away. No judgement on how people leave, I know in real-life there are many ways to exit a gathering. For me I realised I am exchanging my energy with the people who turn up and I appreciate their presence even if I don’t know nor will ever know, who they are.

I don’t want to sneak away, I want to transmit my gratitude and appreciation for them being a part of that important space for me. For making me want to turn up and do the work.

Give it a try

A dedicated hour to share with others and get shit done. I’ve been so inspired I’ve started an artist’s hour with some friends where we join over Zoom to work on our respective art projects.


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