Go up somewhere high and scream!

Sep 24, 2023


I told the kebab shop worker I was a therapist so they asked me what they should do about their stress.

Photo by TruShotz: https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-view-of-road-between-green-grass-field-3635300/

All I did was listen. She asked me if I knew this local landmark that’s high up. I said yes. She asked me what I thought of her craving to go up there and just scream.

I said “oh yes! GO! Do it!”

It sounds like a lot of fun for one thing.

I know for a fact that it will be cathartic, for another.

The most important thing however, is that her being has already asked for what it wants.

It wants a release. In nature. Vocally. Alone.

When your body asks for something, it’s usually a good idea to listen, respect and honour it.

This does not count for sugar/alcohol/risky behaviour cravings. There is a difference.




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