Owls and ducklings

5 min readMay 30, 2023

Messages from the universe?

Photo by Hobi Photography: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-owl-perched-near-tree-trunk-14107419/

My living situation is precarious, my finances insecure, it’s safe to say I’m in a spot where I’m looking for meaning in all sorts of places — do you think the following experience is significant?

A couple of weeks ago I started to notice car number plates with OWL on them. At least five across a week.

I know there are belief systems that put meaning into the appearances of birds and other animals but I didn’t think too deeply about it at that point.

A bit of back story

One Thursday evening a friend sent a video in a WhatsApp group his wife had taken of him celebrating a winning goal of his team. We’re all therapists so there was some quip in there about emotions and vulnerability. It was a funny video and a little insight into his passion.

What I’m reading

I’m currently reading The Women Who Run With The Wolves. This is a book written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes who is an analyst, feminist and storyteller amongst other things. This book is about the wildness that has been/continues to be squashed out of women over the centuries; through analysing stories and fairytales she sort of provides the antidote to this encouraging women to find their wildness again.

The next morning I began the chapter about the story The Ugly Duckling.

This same morning I was driving into work listening to This Jungian Life, a podcast by three psychoanalysts who discuss a Jungian topic each episode. This week was archetypal symbols, an area I’m interested in to help with the work I do with my clients around identity and relationships. At the end of every podcast they analyse a dream from a listener.

Dream analysis

The dream they analysed this week was from a young man who dreamt about some ducklings and their mother in a tree just living their duckling life when suddenly out of nowhere an owl silently swooped in, picked up the ducklings took them to a branch and devoured them. The analysis of the dream talked of child parts and adult parts of the unconscious.

Again, I didn’t think took much of it, but I had noticed the thread of ducklings and owls.




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